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It's Just Not Me To Wear It On My Sleeve

count on that for sure.

9 June 1982
Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world ...
24 hour diners, adopting dogs, alternative rock, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animal rights, animals, art, baking, being a gemini, big thunderstorms, birthdays, books, boondock saints, bridget jones's diary, bright eyes, brokeback mountain, brownies, c. s. lewis, calvin and hobbes, chai, chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, coldplay, concerts, conservation, cooking, cool summer nights, ctenophores, dancing, daydreaming at work, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, dog rescue groups, donnie darko, drawn together, e.e. cummings, editing, emily dickinson, environment, ewan mcgregor, fiction, fight club, fireflies, fireworks, fishing, football, gardening, gay men, gemini, getting obsessed, gia, gillette stadium, gilmore girls, gin blossoms, gone with the wind, harry potter, hiking, hoodies, house, huge rollercoasters, independent films, interesting conversations, jake gyllenhaal, jellyfish, jeopardy, jimmy eat world, john cusack, john irving novels, johnny depp, joydrop, learning, libraries, literature, long drives, love actually, loving who you love, lyrics whore, margot tenenbaum, marilyn monroe, maroon 5, modest mouse, moulin rouge, music, musicals, my own little world, new england patriots, nfl, people-watching everywhere, perksofbeingawallflower, placebo, poetry, post-its, postsecret, project runway, pugs, pushing daisies, queen, questionable content, reading, really hot showers, related, relaxing at the beach, rent, road trips with friends, self-injury, selkies, sex and the city, shakespeare, sharpies, shirley jackson, something corporate, spider rolls, spirituality, stroke 9, strong coffee, summer, sushi, sweetness, tedy bruschi, the beatles, the golden girls, the postal service, the simpsons, the used, tom brady, traveling, twilight, typewriters, under pressure, unicorns, vampires, wes anderson, wes welker, when it's finally summer, working with dogs, writing, writing half-finished stories, x-files, zombie movies